Hi! My name is Rebecca and I launched River Dog Gear in 2013 with the dream of helping service and working dog teams get professional, durable, and amazing customized gear that speaks their story.

During a physically challenging time of my life, I found myself needing a Service Dog and found it difficult to find the quality gear that looked professional, was highly durable and functional, yet fun for everyday use. Every day I want to make items that spark happiness.

I am a Search and Rescue K9 Handler, Gluten Detection Dog trainer, and Canyoneering Professional Guide. 

I have a passion for art, color, and design and developed my signature Pocket Vest in 2013 with durability and functionality in mind - easy zippers, high visibility reflective strips, comfortable handles, and my original Bag Dispenser on the pockets. I care deeply about the safety of the dogs using my items and keep that as the highest priority when designing and creating my items.